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During the 2012 Cookie Program Activity, Girl Scouts throughout River Valleys will inspire change in their communities. They will discover what matters most, connect with others, and use the power of Girl Scout cookies to take action and make the world a better place.

Important Dates: 2012 Cookie Program Activity 

Feb 11 Cookie Go Day
Feb 20 First day of Cookie Booths
March 25 Last day for Cookie Sales

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Special Information

 Troops hosting a cookie booth during the 2012 Cookie Program Activity will have the opportunity to earn special troop cookie booth bonus recognition items. Cookie booths are a fun and easy way for girls to improve their Cookie Program Activity business skills and sell more cookies. Troop Cookie Managers have details on the program and bonus awards. Cookie Booths open February 20.

·         The service unit will earn a $0.01 per package incentive to be used for programming if we increase our 2011 cookie sales by 10 % over last year. Last year we sold 105,637 packages which means our 2012 goal (with the 10% increase) is 116,200 packages. – an average increase of 10 boxes per girl. This would result in $1,116.20 for us to spend on the girls! We know our girls are awesome seller who can do this by setting both troop and personal goals and working to achieve them!
  • What’s New for 2012?

    • New Girl Scout Cookie: Introducing “Savannah Smiles,” Savannah Smiles are a lemony delight to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting.
    • We are on Facebook!

    • New incentive levels and incentive items
    • Improved cookie donation program
      • New names for the cookie donation programs…
      • Cookie Share is now Operation Cookie Care Package – these cookies will be donated to Operation MN Nice and Operation Homefront Wisconsin who will forward the cookies to men and women of the armed forces.
      • Cookie Care is now Cookies for the Community – girls will select an organization such as a local food shelf, shelter, care center, hospital, etc. to make a donation from their troop inventory.
      • Here is the tax deductible receipt for Cookie Donations.
    • The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin 2011-2012

      All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin, which recognizes the "5 skills" learned and practiced during the sale. Girls can collect a different colored pin every year to recognize growth in these 5 skill areas. After she earns the pin, each girl should be able to discuss how she has earned it
  • Check out these recipes from Little Brownie Bakers
  • Girl Scout Cookie Program Celebrated in the Friendly Skies 2007 This notice from GSUSA includes information on an article published by American Airlines about the valuable skills that girls learn from the Girl Scouts Cookie Program. In this notice, there is a link that takes you to the article, or you can go straight to it by clicking here. This article is a must read!

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General Information

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Volunteers for the cookie program activity include Service Unit Cookie Managers and Troop Cookie Managers.

Service Unit Cookie Manager

The Service Unit Cookie Manager is part of the service unit team and is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Troop Cookie Managers and answering questions about the cookie program activity and its forms. 

Four volunteers share the position of Service Unit Cookie Manager for the Wayzata Service Unit.

Learn more about who the Service Unit Cookie Managers are for our service unit.

Troop Cookie Manager

Each troop has a Troop Cookie Manager. The Troop Cookie Manager is responsible for attending the training session at our service unit. All sale materials are distributed at this meeting. The Troop Cookie Manager schedules and conducts an information session for parents and girls before Cookie Go Day.

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Our Baker

Little Brownie Bakers is the cookie baker selected for our council's cookie program activity. You can find the following information at their Web site:

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