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What to Consider
How to Get Invovled

Learn about community service by contacting our service unit's Community Service Coordinator. For community service events, visit Council-Sponsored Program Events (check the "Community Service" box during your search).

Also check out our list of local projects, Web projects, and other projects.

What to Consider

When considering community service projects ALWAYS:

  1. Consult Safety-Wise for adult/child ratios and for activities that are and are not age appropriate. Some organizations may have adult/child ratios that are stricter than Safety-Wise.
  2. Remember that Girl Scouts CANNOT raise money to give to another organization no matter how worthy the cause or great the need.
  3. Know that organizations generally prefer that an adult make the first contact. After that, girls may handle contacts, depending on the girls' ages and abilities.
  4. Check with the specific organization for their current needs. Needs can change based on whether another group has recently done a community service activity for the organization. Needs can also change based on space available for storage due to remodeling, moving, etc.
  5. Keep in mind that some activities are seasonal.
  6. Check with the specific organization for their current hours.
  7. Realize that some activities listed on an organization's Web site may not be included in this resource list due to the organization's limited capacity to offer the activity.
  8. Be creative in suggesting new activities.
  9. Try to direct girls into positive, age-appropriate activities that they are interested in doing. Don't get discouraged if it does not go perfectly. Keep trying.
  10. Have the girls evaluate the experience and discuss what went well and what they would change if they were to do it again or recommend the activity to someone else.
  11. Realize that the information provided on this Web site may change on short notice. Be sure to check with the organization to ensure that your information is current.

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How to Get Involved

  1. Involve your family in all steps. To make this a successful and long-lasting project, getting commitment in the first phase is important.
  2. What does your family have to offer? What are your individual and collective strengths?
  3. Determine your time commitment. Be realistic. It's perfectly all right to volunteer once a month, twice a month or twice a year. Keep track of the time you spend.
  4. Identify causes and common interests that are important to you. A partial list might include the environment, homelessness, hunger, education, children, animals, or arts and culture.
  5. Decide whom you want to volunteer with. Maybe you want to work with other families, your neighborhood, workplace, or faith community.
  6. Research places to give. Go online to find agencies that are looking for volunteers. Start at places you know - many churches, temples and synagogues have programs in place.
  7. Talk to the agency. Ask them what THEIR need is. Ask if they welcome families. Ask when you can start.
  8. Share your stories with others. Families often find that they receive even more from their experience than they have given. Others can join in the fun. It may be infectious.

Source: How to Get Involved by Julie Rogers Bascom
copyright 2004
excerpts reprinted with permission

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