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What's New - Service Unit News

  • Are you looking for information on Managing Group Finances? Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.
  • Operation "Make Today a 10"

Operation “Make Today a 10” Service Project is a new service project that can be done at any time (or multiple times) throughout the year to benefit children with cancer.  Operation “Make Today a 10” is looking for small gifts ($1-$10) that can be given to children of all ages who are undergoing cancer treatments – a small “prize” after they finish their treatment each day.  New or gently used books are also being collected as part of this service project to be used both by the kids with cancer as well as siblings who have to wait while their brother/sister undergo treatment.  Troops may choose to donate individual gifts/books or make a “Surprise Bag” with a few small items in it. Learn more about it.
  • A good website for leaders who are looking for someplace to take their girls on a field trip can be found here.
  • Here is a fun idea for girls of all ages…a Thinking Day postcard exchange.  The site opened last week to take requests and there are only 4 troops from MN participating so far!  If you haven’t heard about it before, it's simple.  Your name is entered into a database, sorted by state.  You contact another troop and ask if they'd like to exchange.  You mail them a postcard, they mail one to you.
  • Miss a Service Unit Meeting? Click here for the meeting minutes.

  • Looking for a council program to attend Check out the "Program Picks" (in a PDF file) for the Northwest Area.
  • If you haven't seen it, check out the Resources Page for fun activity ideas and great information for leaders!
  • Brownie WOW Journey.Are you a Brownie Troop working on the WOW journey? Here is a great website with some information on the water cycle and more.
  • Locavore Badge for Senior Girl Scouts Girls Scout Seniors now have a new badge: Locavore! This badge, released in honor of the organization’s 100th anniversary, allows girls to explore the local food movement in their communities.
  • Good publicity on Girl Scouting!!!  The Today Show has a segment on how Girl Scouts is keeping up with the times.
  • Volunteer Essentials & Council Reference Guide are now a combined document that can be found on the River Valleys website. There are sections of the document that can be downloaded/printed as you need them – the entire document is quite large (111 pgs.) and does not need to be downloaded or printed in its entirety.  However, you need to take a look at the document to see what is there so that you are able to follow all policy and procedures outlined in this document.

  • Program Essentials is now "Planning Guides".  Planning Guides allow you to customize your year and help your girls become well-rounded leaders as they earn awards, badges and patches in each of seven skill-building areas.Visit the Girl Scout River Valleys Website for more info.

  • Be sure to check out the events page for great upcoming events!!!

  • Girl Scout Highest Awards Announcements:  Girls who are working on the Girl Scout Gold, Silver or Bronze Award should visit the River Valleys website  for current highest award information (project proposal and final report forms), sample projects and important deadlines in addition to the information in the new Girl’s Guides. Inserts to the Girls Guide for these award can also be downloaded. Important deadlines:
  • Our next Service Unit Meeting will be Monday, March  18The schedule for the year has been posted and you can also find the meeting minutes from the last meeting on this page.
  • Have new members or renewing members? We have an editable Health History Form available in PDF. You may print out multiple copies after you fill it in, but unless the person filling it out has a "full version" of Adobe Acrobat, you may not be able to save your file.
  • Is your troop interested in "adopting" a US soldier?  It is a great way to support our active military.  You can send correspondence and care packages. Ask for someone from the Minneapolis area, and they will do their best to find someone from the state

What's New - Events/Activities 

  • SUPER fun activities through Three Rivers Park District Looking for something new to do with your troop?  Check these out – there are some SUPER fun activities being provided by Three Rivers Park District for GIRL SCOUTS!
What's New - FYI
  • Safety-Wise is  online at the River Valleys website, along with Volunteer Essentials.  Both are in a downloadable PDF format and should be your main point of reference.  The printed/bound versions of Safety-Wise are now obsolete and should be recycled.
  • Red Cross certified First Aid/CPR trainer Rita Halbur set up a website that River Valleys volunteers may use to directly access information about upcoming training sessions and registration. Please direct any questions about registering and scheduling sessions to Rita herself using the contact info included on the website.

Don't forget to check out upcoming events and training opportunities!

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Still Useful

  • Special Interest Volunteers are people who want to share their talent, interests and time with girls on a flexible, as needed schedule and are a great resource for leaders. You can access the database to find a volunteer with the skills you are looking for, and then contact them directly to see if they can help with your project. You can choose from camping, nutrition education/cooking, cultural diversity awareness, lifeguard, and more. One of the volunteers is a forensic scientist with the BCA Laboratory and can provide a tour of the state crime lab and/or assist troops working on the “Uncovering the Evidence” Interest Patch.

  • Bring the fun to your troop/group with flexible scheduling,  being offered in the Metro area for multiple Council-Sponsored Program Events! Here’s how it works...

    1. Choose one of the great flexible programs offered, gather a group of at least 20 girls (from one or more troops), and find a meeting location in your area.

    2. Contact Program Specialist Nicole Huebner (651-251-1247 or nicole.huebner@girlscoutsrv.org) with several dates that work for your group. Classes can be held after school, on weekends and early release days, and during holiday breaks.

    3. Once your program date and location have been confirmed, go online and register for your program. That’s it!

    For more information, check out the Flexible Scheduling flyer.
  • If you will be making purchases at OfficeMax, use the Office Max Discount Card. It will automatically flag your purchase as tax exempt (and sometimes gives you a discount on general office supplies). Note: OfficeMax is the preferred office supply store for the council, and gives you a big discount on copies. For Office Depot, use this number – it’s a general Girl Scout number that can be used by any troop – 30177961.
  • If you have done something fun with your troop that you’d like to share with others (e.g. JoAnn’s Art to Wear or Stitch It badge or programs at the Three Rivers Park District), please submit the information to be included on our Web site as a resource for other leaders. Provide a brief description of the program along with contact information.
  • Need Ideas? Check the recent edition of The Edge for community service opportunities, program openings, Destination information, etc. Other terrific sources are our leaders, our service unit website, and our service unit library!
  • GSUSA Centennial Commemorative Coin Act Passes in Congress! Read more about it!

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  • Open positions in the Service Unit are FastStart Coach, Organizer/Recruiter (Greenwood, Kimberly Lane, Redeemer and St. Bart's), Event Chairs/Co-Chairs (i.e. Field Day, Junior Event, etc.) and Family Fundraising Chairs.  These positions are very important to the success of our service unit, and some can be shared with another adult. You can contact Kris P. or Norma P. if you are interested or want more information.
  • Are you a saged and experienced Girl Scout Leader? Remember all the questions you had your first year? Mentor new adult Girl Scout leaders through the stages of troop leadership and girl planning. If you would be willing to help mentor a new leader/troop and get them off to a great start, please contact Kris P.

Find out more ways to volunteer from our council.

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  • Be sure to browse through our wonderful selection of books in our service unit library to help with your troop meetings/events. Please return all outstanding materials as soon as possible as we have other leaders waiting to use them!

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Troop News

Go to Troop News to read about our service unit's troops and to take a peek at Web sites of troops in our service unit and in other service units!

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